The Hue in Chicago Jazz Review Magazine

Chicago has a great music scene––our reputation for blues needs no mention and our jazz clubs are filled with phenomenal players of every instrument one could ever think of swinging with. But what sets Chicago apart are the bands on the fringes of the rock and jazz scenes. Bands like Tortoise, Algernon and The Hue are redefining fusion by truly combining jazz, rock and other elements in ways that their forbearers didn’t imagine.

The Hue in the South Bend Tribune

‘Aggressive Progressive' The Hue plays from a diverse musical palette By EMILIE SHUMWAY Tribune Staff Writer

The Hue & Project Object

Opening for P/O for the third straight show was Chicago's The Hue, a fitting primer for the intricacy of Zappa. The group epitomizes modern prog, but without any trace of the cheese found in Dream Theater or recent Porcupine Tree.

‘Aggressive Progressive' The Hue plays from a diverse musical palette

There are probably few bands that list Wilco, John Coltrane, Megadeth and Chris Thile all among their influences.

Chicago-based The Hue, however, lists all of these and more.

Described as an “aggressive progressive” metal band, The Hue, which consists of Brian Gilmanov on drums, Kyle Meyers on bass, and Jared Rabin and Marcus Rezak on guitars, has been influenced by musical trends all over the board.

People with Passion: guitarist Marcus Rezak. Interview September 22, 2010 by: Jack M. Silverstein

We are at Rezak’s West Loop apartment. The windows look down upon the Lake Ave. El line. The room is filled with guitars and books of sheet music. Rezak is mindlessly picking at a sun burst fender telecaster, his fingers working independent of our conversation. He sits in a chair across from me. I set my tape recorder on the arm of his chair for my usual sound check. “Sound test for Marcus Rezak, September 22, 2010,” I say. Before I can give further instruction, Rezak begins a guitar jaunt of simple amusement. It lasts one minute and five seconds…