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Marcus Rezak
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“ My favorite PRS’ are the Hollowbody I's and II’s. I have been playing my HB II for nearly 20 years. To this day when I'm rocking on stage feeling the body harness a screaming note through the f-holes and the guitar literally feels like its about to explode… I needless to say, NEVER want to let that note go! This guitar (along with several other prs' ) is one of my primary studio and touring guitars because of the unique comfortability, sustain, clarity, and beauty that are these instruments.

Interview with Summer Camp Music Festival

An ancient Greek philosopher once said, “Change is the only constant in life,” and I have no doubt he was referring to the ever changing ways of the live music scene. This past year has presented a lot of changes for the band Digital Tape Machine.

Voted as a Top 10 EDM Guitarist by The Untz

Thanks to the The Untz for voting me in the top 10 EDM Guitarists. It feels great to be recognized with other great guitarists and friends in the scene...On stage performing for my fans is the greatest feeling in the world...I can't ever thank you all enough for those experiences!

Big ups to all my boys who made the cut in Lotus, Gramatik, Conspirator (Official), Derek VanScoten, STS9, The Floozies, SunSquabi, and The Disco Biscuits.

Looking forward to Digital Tape Machine at Gathering Of The Vibes and The Boulevard Festival Aug 2 and Aug 23rd & dates with North American Scum TBA!

North American Scum as LCD Soundsystem now on Madison House Inc.

The music of LCD Soundsystem is something that will be forever remembered. Brooklyn native James Murphy has created a catalog of hits that can only be described as super weird. The bands last show in 2011 was to a sold out Madison Square Garden and will be known as the climax of the bands career and was made into a documentary called Shut Up and Play The Hits.

North American Scum plays the music of LCD Soundsystem . The band consists of members of Digital Tape Machine, Cosby Sweater, and Spare Parts. They are debuting at Summer Camp Music Festival for a late night 2 hour set.

Digital Tape Machine's latest studio EP album ->

Digital Tape Machine releases Omens on April 23, 2014. This 4 song EP will be available for Free download. The band produced, recorded, and mixed the album on their own. These songs show the evolution of the DTM sound.

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